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mplcontact supports Adopt North West as it launches Adoption Week

mplcontact is pleased to have been chosen by Adopt North West, a collaboration between 22 local authorities across the North West of England, to provide contact centre support as they launch the very first regional Adoption Week and promote on-going events and information resources for potential adopters.

mplcontact agents get in the Halloween mood

Just another day at mplcontact...

mplcontact agents got in the mood - for what, we dread to think - this Halloween by turning the Nottingham contact centre into a Haunted House for the day. The team at mplcontact decided to use Halloween as a dry run for the festivities planned for Children In Need on the 15th November.

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Survey shows there's still room for improvement in email response

Our most recent on-line poll delved into the one channel we all love to use but as businesses we don't seem so keen on; email. So, how does your organisation compare with our respondents who answered the question "How quickly do you respond to customer emails?"

Survey shows multi-channel complexity intensifying in key sectors such as Housing

Earlier in June, mplcontact's outsourced call centre services team was in Manchester attending Housing 2012, the leading event for the UK housing sector. As a sector coming under increasing pressure due to continuing funding restrictions, mplcontact were keen to find out how delegates were planning on reducing costs while improving the service they deliver.

Visit mplcontact at Housing 2012, Manchester 12-14 June

mplcontact is taking part in the Chartered Institute of Housing's Conference & Exhibition, taking place at Manchester Central, 12th to 14th June. Visit us on stand C62 for demos of our call handling solutions for Housing Associations and take part in our Customer Service Excellence survey and price draw!

Blending social media in teh contact centre

Use outsourcing to blend social media handling into your contact centre

Responding to and resolving social media customer service requests requires its own skill set and, as outsourced agents are already experts in responding to different types of communications in different ways, it makes sense to draw on experienced resources to support your social presence.

Online contact centre reporting

You should feel like you are in the same room as your outsourced agents

The days of waiting for the end-of-month report to find out what is happening to your campaign are well and truly over.

Controlling outsourced contact centre services

Outsourcing is no longer about handing over your shop front

Outsourcing used to involve a great deal of trust. You briefed the agents, you set up the database, and then you hoped it all went according to plan. Today it is very different....

Contact centre business continuity and disaster recovery

Customers expect you to be open - no matter what

An outsourcer will have the technology to provide an automated offsite data back-up, as well as remote access, so that whatever disaster might strike, be it fire, flood, transport chaos, or something even worse, your outsourced service centre remains available.

Improving customer experience in the contact centre

Today's contact centres need to be self-learning

Once upon a time you could design a contact centre for a specific purpose, set it up and leave it to do its job; now it needs to continually evolve. A good outsourcer should be able to help you do just that.

Maximise customer experience management

People no longer accept queues

Not so long ago people expected queues. There were even jokes about how queuing was an essential part of British life. Now, no one finds queues remotely funny. If an organisation makes us queue we'll take our custom to one that doesn't.

Intelligent agent desktops in the contact centre

It's not where your contact centre is based but how efficient it is that's important

For years a fierce debate has raged about the merits of offshore contact centres and the undeniable operational cost savings they bring versus the customer experience.

Contact centre support for customer services

The global village is always awake

The way we live our lives has changed. The nine till five routine is ancient history, and now it is not uncommon for people to contact companies during the night-time. Outsourced contact centres should be able to help you meet this demand.

Bureau contact centre agents

It's time to stop boring your agents

Forget gimmicky incentive schemes, forget table football and fancy coffee machines, forget all the expensive things you've done over the years in an attempt to motivate your contact centre agents; if you want to do that, the most important step you can take is to give them more exciting work.

Outsourced overflow call handling

Over-resourcing is no longer a luxury you can afford

The time when having a pool of agents on hand 'just in case' is no longer acceptable, or affordable, to the majority of organisations.  This is where outsourcing comes into its own, as Lewisham Homesearch have discovered.

Outsourced dedicated contact centre agents

Outsourced solutions do not take months to set up

The second of our insights into how outsourcing has changed debunks the longheld myth that an outsourcing project invariably drags on and on....

Outsourced contact centre services

12 changes to contact centre outsourcing

Over the next 12 days in the run up to Christmas, right up to Christmas Eve itself, we offer you a fresh insight every day into how the world of outsourcing has changed almost beyond recognition from just five years ago.

Social media icon image - social customer service in the contact centre

What you really think about Social Media...

We asked visitors to our website "How important is the use of Social Media to your business's sales/marketing/customer service strategies?".  Here's what you thought.....

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Our latest survey results

We asked you "Does the new government give rise for greater optimism for business' performance in 2010?".  Here's what you thought....

Call centre survey image

Our survey says....

Thank you to everyone who took part in our inaugral web visitor survey which posed the question "is the recession over?". Opinion was fairly equally divided.....

Call centre agents

Message Pad article in Institute of Directors West Midlands magazine

Siobhain Goodall dispells the myth that outsourcing, especially your customer contact, only serves to annoy and that it can actually help your business grow.